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22-12-20019: What a great way to end the showyear! Not expected, hoped it a little bit, and in the end we got it all at the "Christmas Winnershow" (formerly known as Amsterdam Winnershow). Viva became best veteran female and won the title "Veteran Winner 2019". She also became BOB-veteran. But that was not all! She also became BEST FEMALE and got the title "Winner 2019" .... and she is already 10 years of age!!
Misha became BEST MALE with CAC and his first CACIB and got the title "Winner 2019". And as cherry on the cake he became BEST OF BREED!!

15-12-2019: Mixed results yesterday at the Belgian Winnershow in Brussels. Misha got 4th place with VG in intermediate class. Viva became BOB-veteran and won the title "Belgian Veteran Winner 2019".

04-11-2019: Yesterday I was with Misha at the show of Bleiswijk, which was held in a town called Hazerswoude-Dorp. This time Misha absolutely did not like the judge at all and therefore did not presented himself at his best. He got an excellent judgereport but still a VG as qualification.

28-10-2019: Yesterday we were at the show of Leuven (B). Misha competed in intermediate class for the first time and became 3th with VG. Viva became BOB Veteran.

21-10-2019: Very nice showresults at the Dutch minpin clubshow yesterday: Both mother (Veera) and son (Rostelley's Angels Driven By Love - Beer) were rewarded with reserve best female and reserve best male and res.CAC!. What a nice suprice!. Other results: Misha EXC.1 in intermediate class, Juultje (Rostelley's Angels Basic Element) EXC.1 in open class, Phoebe (Rostelley's Angels Against The Odds) VG.4 in championclass, Mira (Rostelley's Angels Classic Story) VG.2 in breeders class and Viva EXC.2 in Veteran class.

07-10-2019: Yesterday I was at the FCI section 2.1 groupshow in Wijchen (NL). A show organised by the Dutch Schnauzer Club for all breeds from FCI section 2.1 which are all schnauzerbreeds, Doberman, Pinschers, Black Russian terrier and Smoushond. Misha became best male with CAC and Viva became BOB Veteran and also best female with CAC and BEST of BREED!

18-09-2019: "To love also means to let go" ... today we made the difficult decision to let our oldy Björn cross over the rainbowbridge. He had the respectable age of 17,5 years. Some years ago he became slowly deaf and got a bad eyesight due to his aging process and a year or so ago we saw the first signs of dementia. We took care of him in the best possible and loving way but when you see that his world is getting smaller and smaller, his mind becomes foggy, he gets lost in his own home and only walk in cirles when he's awake you have to question if this is a dogworthy life. When I read this line "he excist but does he live?" I knew there was only one more thing we could do for him.....

25-08-2019: Great shownews today. Beer (Rostelley's Angels Driven By Love) participated at the dogshow of Rotterdam (NL) and he won the junioclass with EXC.1 and this makes him DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION. He also became best male with CAC. Huge congrats to the owners Gijs and Mike from a proud breeder!

23-08-2019: Today 3 of our dogs were tested for hereditary eye diseases. Both Veera, Phoebe and Misha are tested "FREE" so now we can go ahead with the puppy planning ;o)

18-08-2019: Yesterday we competed at the show of Mechelen (B). Viva became BOB-Veteran. Misha won the juniorclass with EXC.1 and JCAC. With this result he now is BELGIUM JUNIOR CHAMPION!

02-08-2019: Today Misha has been tested for patella luxation (mandatory for use in breeding) and the result was: 0/0 no remarks. In a few weeks the ECVO eye-test will be done.

10-06-2019: Beer (Rostelley's Angels Driven By Love) was shown yesterday at the int. dogshow of KC Arnhem in Venray (NL). He won the juniorclass with EXC.1 and JCAC and ended as reserve best male with Res.CAC. Huge congrats to owners Gijs and Mike!

27-05-2019: Very proud after yesterdays dogshow in Oss (NL). Besides Misha there was also entered Beer, a nice red male from our D-litter in 2018 (Rostelley's Angels Driven By Love). Misha won EXC.2 in juniorclass with res.CAC and a nice judge report. But the big surprice came from Beer; not only did he win the juniorclass with EXC.1 and JCAC, he also became best male with CAC. And on top of that he also became BEST of BREED!!. This was only his 2nd time on show! Huge congrats to his owners Gijs and Mike!

06-05-2019: Yesterday we participated at the international dogshow of Gent (B). Viva became BOB-veteran. Misha won de juniorclass with EXC.1 and JCAC and became BOB-Junior. But that was not all. He also became best b/t male, best male and BEST of BREED!

21-04-2019: Yesterday we were at the international dogshow of Goes (NL). Misha did very well again! He won the juniorclass with EXC.1 with JCAC and with this result he now is DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION! He also became best male with CAC and BEST of BREED! He now has enough CAC's to become Dutch champion as well but he is far too young to also add this title to his name yet. The rule is to be at least 27 months of age and Misha is not yet 11 months! So we need to wait a little bit ;o)

15-04-2019: This weekend we participated at the double show of Antwerp (B). On Saturday only Misha was entered and he gained a 2nd place with VG. On Sunday he won 1st place with Excellent and gained the titel "Brabo Junior Winner". He also became BOB-Junior. Viva was also entered and won BOB-Veteran.

07-04-2019: Yesterday we were at the show of Zwolle (NL) with Misha and like 2 weeks ago he again won the juniorclass with EXC.1 and JCAC and best male with CAC and BOS! Also Beer from our D-litter was shown for the first time in juniorclass and ended as 2nd with VG. His judgereport was excellent but he needs to learn how to move in the right way and not like a dresage horse ;o). Thank you to the owner for showing Beer.

27-03-2019: Last weekend we were at the show of Hazerswoude-Dorp (NL) with Misha, for the first time in juniorclass in Holland and straight away he became best juniormale with JCAC, BOB-Junior, best male with CAC and BOS! The first points towards juniorchampionship and adult championship are collected!

18-03-2019: After a short break we had our first show of this year yesterday. Misha made his debut in juniorclass and got EXC.2 with very nice critics from the judge. . His very first show in official class and an EXCELLENT right away! Viva became BOB-veteran and Beste Female. With this result she now is BELGIAN VETERAN CHAMPION.

01-01-2019: A happy and healthy 2019 from all of us at Rostelley's Angels Kennel!

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