The photos below are from several vacations in Austria.
As you can see our dogs go everywhere with us:


In August 2005, I (Bianca) flew with Wesley from our vacation place in Austria to Finland to participate in 2 dog shows. I was the guest of Marika & Vili Lehtonen (kennel Aurra Sing). Susanna Uusitupa (kennel Didaktic's) drove us to the shows with her motor home. The first day Wesley became best male 3 and the second day he won the res.CAC.
Here are the photos of this unforgettable experience:

In May 2004 we visited Margit Spörr and Andi Brixa from kennel 'vom Camp Achensee' during our vacation in Austria. Later that year during the next vacation in August we dropped by again to pick up 'Gismo'
for kennel 'van Majori's Donk':


Some funny photos:


Christmas cards we sent the last couple of years: